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Keeping Research Data Safe Factsheet

The two KRDS projects have been usefully summarised into one handy factsheet. This concise document lists several reasons why research data may prove valuable to retain. The comparative costs of text only (e-print) repositories as opposed to those containing research data repositories (which are used to house arts practice-as-research documentation) are particularly eye opening, but costs are are offset by the potential value of retaining valuable data.

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inaugural blog

The new Curating Arts Research Output (CAiRO) project is underway. In addition to the freshly launched blog we will have a presence on the University of Bristol site and our very own wiki. The project aims are to produce a teaching module for HE themed on the management of (often technically complex) research data from the fields of the arts. This JISC-funded project is part of the Managing Research Data programme, and builds upon the strengths and interests of the project team who are drawn from JISC Digital Media, the University of Bristol Department of Drama and the Digital Curation Centre.

The project also aims to bring individuals from the live, performing and visual arts communities together to address the challenge of creating and managing arts-related research materials. We encourage everyone to make use of our learning materials, wiki and blog. Our hashtag is #croprj.

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